How can we help

Following a death of a person it is necessary to organise and regulate the deceased’s affairs.  Michael & Company provide efficient and friendly service aimed at obtaining the Certificate of Probate or Letter of Administration as soon as possible.

Michael Shpaizer will personally carry out all the work required.  Michael will deal with the Inland Revenue with a view to finalise the tax position of the deceased.   He will also deal with the relevant banks, building societies, life assurance companies and all other persons with a view to collect all monies due to the deceased’s estate.  This will enable the payment of any debts, tax and legacies to beneficiaries. 

Michael will keep you informed as to progress so that at all time you know what stage has been reached.  He can also assist the executors or administrators to discharge their obligations under the deceased’s Will or the rules of intestacy.  At the conclusion of the probate work, Michael will provide a detailed statement of account showing all the payments received and made.